Valerie A. Macleod, Ph.dD. LMFT

"Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I felt when I left your office. I was emotional and unsettled coming in and left feeling like a huge burden and weight had been lifted. I recognize this is a work in progress toward emotional healing. Just wanted to thank you for being my confidante as the sole outlet for me to express my feelings. I feel like a new person today! " KY

"Dr. Macleod gave me the push I needed to get out of a bad marriage. I went to her seeking counseling about dealing with my unhappy marriage which was very controlling and manipulative. She recognized right away I was in a losing situation and I needed to leave. If it weren't for her I would still be wallowing around in an unhappy marriage going nowhere. I divorced my husband, had a moving company come and get all my stuff and moved back to my hometown where everything and everyone is familiar and have never been happier. I have to start over at age 60, get a job but it's the best thing I've ever done. Thank you Dr. Macleod for giving me that push I needed to be successful in my life. "JC

"We walked away from each counseling session with Valerie feeling that we had a better knowledge of how to approach our lives. Valerie has also helped other members of our family individually and in a group session. My husband and I could never thank Valerie enough for what she has done for my family and for us—a 71 year old man and me—soon approaching 76! We had lost our way and now we are a very happy Senior Couple. Thank you, Valerie. "R & JB

"My husband and I began seeing Valerie last summer and it was the best thing we could of ever done for our marriage. We were married for almost 4 years but we’ve been together for almost 10 years. Every couple has their issues but a couple of our issues and new issues seemed to be magnified after the birth of our first child. Things seemed different between my husband and I and we just couldn't seem to see "eye to eye" on anything! Valerie listened to both of us and our concerns. She gave us the tools we needed for better communication and helped resolve a couple of big issues that were weighing us down. We were at a point that we couldn't agree on the smallest thing because of these other issues over our head. Our marriage was on a downward spiral and I know we couldn't of resolved any of these issues without Valerie. We can't say enough about Valerie. She is so easy to talk to about anything not just our problems. We felt we could always count on her and know she cares about us as individuals and our marriage. We always felt comfortable and put our confidence in her that she would help us through this and it would make our marriage stronger. I am so appreciative and thankful for what Valerie did for our marriage. We went to counseling for 7 months and we owe her so much for making us "us" again! I know if I or my husband need guidance through anything or need advice I will always call Valerie. Thank you! "M & K.P

"I began to go to Valerie when my anxiety returned.

It started probably when I was a child as I see my own child with the same symptoms I had at her age. The Scary Thoughts - She tells me there are bad people in her head telling her bad things. To most, this would make them think the child is insane and in need of a psychiatrist. To us, "Anxiety Sufferers", this is everyday hardship that we know and fear sharing or telling others.

I went through some of my worst panic attacks 3 to 10 years ago. I would leave a meeting, walk out of a church, a restaurant, all to run from something that was inside myself. You can't run from yourself! I drank, I took pills, I sought help, I could never share with anyone my scary thoughts though, for fear I'd be locked away with a straight jacket and rubber walls—Flying in a plane had to be the worst of my issues. I was a few blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11—I could never get on a plane again.

I learned that I wasn't alone with having scary thoughts. I learned that many others suffer from this HELL and many cannot even leave their own homes due to the fear of that Monster they created in their own brain. It was a big milestone to learn of other anxiety sufferers. Knowing I wasn't alone and using audio and video anxiety aids made me feel like the attacks would go away forever. I even wrote a book about it called "Anxiety Stricken".

I tried flying again, but I needed 15 to 20 drinks and a pill just to get on the plane. I knew that would never change.

One day my new world without fear was crushed once again, when my Monster that I thought was trained to stay away, appeared once again. I had to run from where I was to find a safe place. It happened again and again before I ran to a new place. That place was the office of Dr. Valerie Macleod.

Valerie was very impressed by all of the knowledge I had regarding my problem, how the attacks come on and how I was aware that I was only running from myself. We began with simple exercises. The breathing techniques were the simplest and most helpful. We put myself back in those uncomfortable situations to test reactions. Valerie was very proud of my giant steps. My trips back to the site of the World Trade Center, back in the subways where I become claustrophobic, back into confined offices, back to beautiful old Shea Stadium. I still needed a couple of drinks and/or a pill to get back on that plane.

Valerie understood that and knew that may take a bit more time to address. Valerie was my rock to lean on. She gave me the courage and the push that I needed. I have since flown without a drink or a pill several times. In fact, as I write this, I am sober and drug free flying over Georgia on Southwest Airlines with no TV, like I enjoy on Jet Blue, as I float to a destination that will hopefully spark my dream of becoming a true writer.

Thank you Valerie!

Got to go now, we are about to begin that descent that I used to despise."G.N.

"Valerie provided me with clear guidance, direction and clarity when my fiancee and I were struggling to make our relationship work. The issues seemed insurmountable to work through on my own, and she was able to help me drill down to the core of the challenges, and provided insight and direction so that I could pursue a path that was right for me. Answers were much clearer after my time spent with Valerie. I was also truly touched by her encouragement, words of comfort, and how much she cared about me personally. Valerie goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you get the help you need. I am where I am because of Valerie—in a much healthier state of mind and place in my life - and for that, I am truly thankful." LR

"We lost our second daughter late in my second trimester of pregnancy due to a fatal birth defect. While my husband and I mourned the loss of this baby, our first daughter, age six, was also having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of her baby sister. Valerie helped her to work through her grief and to understand that death is a part of life, which in turn allowed me to work through my grief. Valerie has taught me some invaluable life lessons, and shared from her heart what her own life experiences helped reveal about surviving a tragedy--that life is more important than death, that beginnings are more important than endings, and that moving forward is so much more important than standing still. I know for certain that I would not be where I am today in my healing process were it not for Valerie's wisdom and help through this terrible chapter in my life. I am now able to look to the future with hope and anticipation of brighter days thanks to her." J.R.


"Her ideas on manageability really
helped me." L.H.

"Thank you Valerie for helping me find
my way back." A.T.

"I don't think it would have happened if
we hadn't worked with Dr. Macleod." S. P.

"There is no way I would say 'my wife' right now if it weren't for Valerie's knowledge and belief that we were going to make it through." T.H.

"Valerie was my rock to lean on. She gave me the courage and the push that I needed. " G.N.

"Valerie has taught me some invaluable life lessons…that life is more important than death, that beginnings are more important than endings, and that moving forward is so much more important than standing still." J.R.

"My husband and I just celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary! We could never have done this without Valerie’s help. Thank you!" L & J.C.

"My wife and I started seeing Dr. Macleod in June, and it was one of the best decisions we could have made. We weren't on the verge of separating, but we had big issues in our communication which carried over into several other areas of our marriage. Dr. Macleod listened to what our concerns and issues were and then gave suggestions and ideas on how to work on them. This really helped out our communication which in turn repaired several other areas in our marriage. Over the past few months things have been so much better at home, and we have Dr. Macleod to thank for that. It also helps that she's not just a counselor, but a person you can talk to about anything, even outside of your reason for seeing her. I would highly recommend Dr. Macleod to my friends, family, and to anyone that is in need of counseling, you won't regret it! " D.W.

"Dr. Macleod, or Valerie as she will insist when I call her the former, was someone whom helped both my wife and I tremendously. We came to her with problems in our marriage that we couldn't resolve ourselves and personal issues that we didn't know how to overcome alone. After working with Valerie we were both able to find clarity to why our problems were persisting and thru her great mixture of guidance and forced exploration we were able to find our way back to each other in the end. There is no way I would say 'my wife' right now if it weren't for Valerie's knowledge and belief that we were going to make it through. She was able to show me things within myself I had lost, and in turn opened up the avenues to my wife and I loving each other more than I think we even realized that we could. We spent almost 6 months with Dr. Macleod (need to give her the respect she deserves) and since then we have been growing as a couple and as individuals as well. We owe her a lot, it wasn't easy, so don't think it will be, but in the end she will help guide you to where you should be and help point you in a direction that will give you peace and comfort. She is a wonderful person, very open and compassionate, yet strong at the same time. I would recommend her to anyone that needs some guidance and I will most certainly reach out to her again if the time ever comes that I, or we need that guidance again." T.H.

"I was first introduced to Dr. Macleod when I was sixteen; I was beginning my junior year of high school and my parents and I weren’t reaching any sort of agreement at the time. When they suggested I ‘talk’ to someone about my problems, I reacted as any sixteen-year-old would: I felt as if they didn’t trust me and my ability to control the issues in my life, but I agreed to meet with Dr. Macleod for a session to mollify their concerns. I hardly knew anything about psychotherapy, admittedly, save for the stereotypical couches and the Freudian methods I’d read about in Psychology class, but from the moment I began talking to Dr. Macleod, I immediately felt at ease.

As infallible as I thought I was, I had quite a bit on my plate at the time: a college search my parents and I were at odds about, a best friend who’d recently moved to New York, stress from school and being a perfectionist, feelings of isolation and uncertainty. Dr. Macleod was personable, reassuring, and infinitely helpful as we worked in tandem to develop a balance in my life; I realized almost immediately why her help was critical at that juncture. She was indispensable in putting elements into perspective and challenging some of my unhealthier perceptions.

I look back on our time with fondness, and I can sincerely say I’m looking forward to pursuing things I never would’ve had the confidence to pursue before, and with the support of my parents as well; without her, I doubt I could’ve pieced together my life and been as satisfied as I am now. She is an excellent resource and a wonderful person, and I would highly recommend her.
" L.P.

"When my son pushed me to what I felt was my limit I called Dr. Macleod and she helped us both. We've gotten back on track and he's doing better in school and we're doing better together. I am very grateful for Valerie's help." D.S.

"My husband walked out on me leaving me with everything the house, the kids, the mortgage, the dog, you name it, I had it all! When I couldn't cope any more I remembered that Dr. Macleod had helped a friend of mine when she was going through a divorce. So I called her. Best thing I could've done. Her ideas on manageability really helped me. " L.H.

"My husband died last year. In the beginning I thought I was coping okay. However, as the weeks went on I felt like I was on autopilot. I just went through the motions. Nothing felt good. I also couldn't seem to stop crying. Then one day my son showed me one of Valerie's ads. He made a big deal about my making an appointment to see her. I'm so glad I listened to him. Thanks to the work I did with her I resumed much of what my life had been before Roger died. While I'll always miss him I know now that his death didn't mean I should curl up and die too. Thank you Valerie for helping me find my way back." A.T.


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