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Dr. Macleod with Annie -- her therapy dog

Dr. Macleod’s Therapy Dog—“Annie”

The positive effects of animal therapy are well documented. People who are feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, sad, and/or depressed invariably respond to an animal who is offering genuine affection. Animals lift moods, and often provide connectivity that goes beyond the therapeutic environment.

“...The introduction of animals into the [clinical] environment is a way of humanizing health care. This is becoming increasing important because the more that high technology is introduced into society, the greater the need for “high touch.” —Naisbitt, 1982

Since Dr. Macleod has seen the effectiveness of dogs working as therapy animals in the past, she decided that including a therapy dog in her practice could be useful. This led her to search for a dog who could be trained to work with many clients and who would have the right personality to become an effective therapy partner in the setting of her practice. Dr. Macleod says:

“I’m pleased to introduce my Golden Retriever, Annie, as an active part of my practice. Annie, as is typical of her breed, has a delightfully mellow and loving personality. Right now she is in training, but when she gains the needed maturity she will be available for those clients who need all the things that dogs can provide so well—love, caring and companionship. For those clients who would prefer that Annie not join us, she will take a rest in her “safe area”—her crate. I’m looking forward to Annie being a part of my therapy team!”

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