Dr. Valerie Macleod, Ph.D., LMFT, P.A. -- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Tampa, FL

Dr. Valerie Macleod
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
in Tampa, FL


Welcome. By coming to tampacounseling.net you have taken the first step toward healing and wellness by recognizing that you need some help in your journey and have reached out to grasp it.

In coming this far you have probably wondered, “When I find a psychotherapist, how can make sure I’ve made a good choice?” This is a good question, and this Web site will help you answer it.

Beginning therapy can be an emotional time for most people. Dr. Macleod understands this and offers a personal, encouraging, and caring approach to therapy and counseling that will help you to feel safe. As you continue working with her you will find that her goals, as both a therapist and guide, are to empower and support you as your resolve what’s had you feeling stuck, accomplish your goals, and move ahead toward a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

So, please take a few minutes to explore tampacounseling.net. Meet Dr. Macleod, find out what her specialties are, learn the answers to the questions most people ask, and read what others have had to say about the help they’ve received from her. Then, when you decide to move forward, contact Dr. Macleod to get started on your own therapy journey.

Important Information About Your First Session

In order to make your first session with Dr. Macleod more valuable, she has a form for you to download and fill out. This form also has important information you will need concerning your responsibility regarding insurance benefits. Click here to download the form. Once you have it, fill it out, and bring it to your first appointment with Dr. Macleod.

Dr. Valerie Macleod

10335 Cross Creek Boulevard
Suite #1
Tampa, Florida 33647

Phone: 813-333-1153


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